NCR Biochemical has been recognized by ItalyPost, together with L’Economia and Corriere Della Sera, between the Top 500 performers in Italy (range 20-120 millions turnover).

The study analyzed companies between 20 and 120 million in turnover which, in the darkest years of the crisis, between 2010 and 2016, instead of being in trouble, began to grow at a dizzying rate, producing profits and jobs. Companies that, of course, didn’t need financial aids from banks. In most cases they are companies without debit exposures to the banking system, almost always with impressive liquidity reserves and with a high level of capitalization, that is of own resources invested in the company. These companies have gone through the crisis, continuing to invest and exploiting spaces left free by others, with excellent profitability thanks to the momentum of the product and the continuous refinement of production processes, the cautious but pressing connection of new technologies, continuous innovation, a vocation for internationalization that allows us to monitor global markets with continuity and often with positions of absolute leadership.