Not only do we manufacture and sell chemicals, we also provide technology, expertise and knowledge; this means our customers get added value.

This is the best way to create value and solutions for our customers.
NCR Biochemical has developed its way of doing business based on this goal and professionalism is our means to achieve it.

This is the starting point upon which everything we do is based: from researching the best raw materials to the development of the most cutting-edge technologies, always taking care of the environment with social responsibility, to the quality of the products we offer and the improvement of our customers’ production processes.


With a large staff of chemists and biologists, field technicians, two chemical laboratories, a paper-making workshop, a biological laboratory, a technological laboratory, NCR Biochemical is one of the most well-equipped companies in the analytical sector. Whether the analysis of samples has to be conducted directly in your plants, or undertaken by our experts in the laboratory, NCR Biochemical guarantees rapid and accurate results.
Accurate analyses allow us to:
– understand how to improve your processes
– formulate and propose optimizations
– continuously monitor the efficiency of our treatments and results

Technical support/assistance

Providing a quality product is only a small part of the work that NCR Biochemical does for its customers. Our technicians support the customer at every step with the aim of improving their targets and goals and creating a long-term relationship.
Technical support is integrated into all our programmes and treatments. Our technical team is characterized by its constant presence, attention to our customers’ needs, interventive precision and helpful suggestions.
We carry out continuous monitoring of the water, circuits, dosing systems and consumption. We are therefore constantly looking for improved solutions in order to optimize energy use and achieve the best operational and profit performance for our customers.


Increased process efficiency can be achieved by investing in sophisticated systems and technologies, but requires massive investment in terms of time and money.
Our experts have extensive knowledge of industrial processes and in-depth knowledge of applied chemistry. After years of experience and training, they are able to study your process, and show you the potential of the proper use of chemicals as well as the related improvements in terms of:
– increased productivity
– improvement in the quality of your end-products.
– reduction of production costs
– increased profitability
– improved environmental performance
– protecting the value of your installed system assets

Our experts not only provide a cutting-edge chemical product, but they are also able to recommend a comprehensive proposal which will dramatically improve your process and give you tangible results.

Customer Service

Our offices are committed to providing quick answers and the best customer service to ensure your customer satisfaction every time.
Procurement, logistics and delivery are optimized to achieve the best cost-efficiency ratio. At the same time we are always looking for improvements to make our service faster and more streamlined.

Global service

We offer a Global Service for all the chemicals necessary for the production process and ancillary services (primary water, thermal circuits, cooling circuits, waste water system, reverse osmosis, etc.).
The “global service” formula provides, in addition to chemical products, all necessary dosing systems and qualified technical staff. We monitor dosages, carry out process analysis and share the results obtained by our management with our customers.
– Secure results, customised according to customer needs
– Total collaboration and dialogue with plant technicians
– Compliance with environmental and safety regulations
– Dynamic technologies researching effective and convenient solutions


Each customer is different and each treatment requires a specific dosing system. At NCR Biochemical we produce dosing systems in-house to ensure efficiency and customization.
Our workshop and team of mechanics and engineers are specialized in the construction of preparation and dosing systems. Years of experience in the field and attention to customer requirements enable us to provide high-performance dosing systems which are also easy to use.


The training of our technicians and your staff is considered fundamental to achieving an improved, more efficient use of our products and your systems.
Our service therefore includes on-site and theoretical training, from the technical, safety and maintenance point of view.
Our goal is to work closely with our customers and provide added value to our collaborative partnership.