The Latest Innovation in Crepe Technology
VersiCrepe® Program

Introducing the Latest Innovation in Crepe Technology
VersiCrepe® Program

On the occasion of Tissue World Miami 2024, the world’s largest dedicated tissue industry event, we are pleased to present, the advanced VersiCrepe® program, a new strategical plan to improve the paper creping control process achieving superior control performance.

Elevating Crepe Control Efficiency

VersiCrepe® is a successful and versatile crepe technology that guarantees improved operating versatility in the crepe control process

The program offers unparalleled versatility, enhancing crepe control across diverse grades, materials, basis weights, and sheet attributes. What’s even more intriguing is VersiCrepe®‘s ability to optimize softness without compromising strength, effectively elevating sheet quality in a cost-efficient manner.

Ensuring Optimal Adhesive Performance

Quantitative and qualitative laboratory tests are conducted to determine the performance and directionality of crepe adhesives in relation to actual Yankee dryer conditions. Quantitative adhesive film testing includes wet and dry tack, degree of rewet, insolubility, and film hardness.

Our tissue process and crepe control experts perform an on-site process survey and can provide a series of lab film screen tests to compare clients’ current technology with the superior VersiCrepe program approach.

VersiCrepe Advantages

  • Major crepe control

  • Sustainable solution

  • Versatile technology

  • Costs optimization

  • Enhanced strength and softness

A Strategic Partnership

In 2023, our teams joined forces to introduce world-class tissue and towel chemistries to the North American market.

This partnership aims to address today’s challenges for tissue and towel producers. We recognize that the crepe control process is a key area that can significantly impact operating efficiency and sheet quality, given the diverse furnishes, wet end chemistries, machine parameters, and finished product specifications.