Sustainability is not just a goal for NCR Biochemical, it is the vision of the future for sustainable development.
Uncontrolled economic world growth has led to environmental problems, waste and inequality. All companies have the responsibility to change this trend and the chemical sector can make a major contribution.
NCR Biochemical is committed every day to driving this change towards sustainable development. We act responsibly in all our operations and help our customers to achieve their goals.

We constantly improve our performance in:
– quality control
– staff safety
– attention to the environment
– social responsibility
– compliance with laws and regulations
– obtaining certifications


Climate change and pollution have drawn more and more attention to environmental protection. The industries which we serve must comply with the increasingly stringent environmental performance standards. NCR Biochemical applies the best practices of “green business” and develops environmentally friendly products.
We help our clients to reduce the consumption of water, energy, waste and emissions.



NCR Biochemical is ISO 9001 certified and has established rules and procedures for its operations: from the procurement of raw materials, to production processes and laboratory tests.
Our objective is to contribute to development throughout our chain and to be a reliable partner for our customers.



NCR Biochemical is ISO 14001 certified and wants to be recognized as a responsible and environmentally friendly business.
We want to ensure continued compliance with applicable legislative requirements, continuous improvement of our environmental performance and pollution prevention.



Being compliant is another important step in our sustainable policy. Regulations help to control and drive the market. NCR Biochemical works proactively to respect these regulations.

The following are some standards and compliance requirements which we observe:
REACH – GHS and CLP – FDA – BfR – Nordic Swan – Ecolabel – Blue Angel – Kosher – Etc.


We always strive to protect human resources in our team and prevent any possible risk. We establish and follow strict rules for the safe operation of our system and the safe handling of our products.

Education and training are keypoints in our strategy to guarantee safety. Our personnel are qualified and trained to handle chemicals safely, and we take care to keep the safety training of our workers constant.

Safety Policy

Social responsibility

NCR Biochemical is aware of influencing the surrounding community. We employ our sustainable policy throughout the entire value chain.
We select our suppliers ensuring that they also follow a policy of responsibility. We respect human rights and give equal opportunities. We invest in people, business and technology. We reinvest profits and grow together with the community around us. We help our customers to improve their performance and to have an ever increasing positive impact within their communities.

Anti-corruption Policy
Human rights Policy