NCR Biochemical has thirty years experience in auxiliary treatments for the production of sugar and ethanol

The objectives of our treatments are:
• Maximize yield
• Reduce energy costs
• Reduce extraordinary maintenance interventions
• Optimize water consumption
• Improve operator safety
• Reduce environmental impact

NCR Biochemical has designed treatment programmes which include all of the fine chemical auxiliaries necessary for modern sugar production systems, providing innovative and effective technical solutions.

Global Service

The “global service” formula, in addition to supplying products, caters for all dosing systems and qualified technical staff who manage and control the dosages and results achieved in full cooperation with production managers.
• Secure results, customised according to customer needs
• Compliance with environmental and safety regulations
• Dynamic technologies researching effective and convenient solutions
• Antifoam transportation water and beet cleaning
• Antifoam for sugary juices
• FDA approved biocides for the circulation and pressing section
• Flocculants for clarifying the washing water and juice
• Juice scale-inhibitors
• Water scale-inhibitors
• Cooked mass fluidifiers
• Washing formulas
• Corrosion inhibitors
• FDA approved additives for thermal circuits
• Bacterial combinations for lagooning and active sludge plants


Antifoam fluitation

Specific low environmental impact antifoam to ensure correct fluitation of the beet, to avoid booster pump cavitation phenomena and control foaming

Juice antifoam

Specific antifoam based on FDA 21 CFR173.340- approved synthetic polymers
• For foam control in circulation, further ensuring a fluidizing effect
• For sugary juices in lime and carbon dioxide purification and evaporation
• For the pulp pressing water

Antifoam distillery

FDA approved specific formulas for the fermentation and distillation section

Adjuvants and flocculants

Juice flocculants

Anionic flocculants based on organic synthetic polymers FDA 21 CFR 173.5 approved, for increasing the sludge sedimentation speed in the decanters for lime and carbon dioxide purification (where present) and to improve the clarification of the juice

Pressing adjuvants

Synthetic polymers FDA 21 CFR 173.10 approved to assist in pressing pulp waste
• Increase pulp pressability
• Reducing electrical absorption in presses
• Elimination of skim/overflow
• Better clarification of pressing water
• Increase in dry matter

Flocculants for water and sludge dewatering

Anionic flocculants based on synthetic organic polymers to enhance the clarification of fluitation water, increasing sludge sedimentation speed.
Cationic flocculants for possible dehydration treatment of excess biological sludge
Available in powder, emulsion and aqueous dispersion with a low environmental impact.

Infection control

Specific biocides FDA 21 CFR 173,320 approved for controlling infections and consequent sucrose losses:
• Bactericides for chips and cutting silos
• Bactericides for the pulp pressing water
• Bactericides for alternative formalin distribution
• Bactericides for the cane squeezing section (Mills)
• Bactericides for raw juice
• Bactericides for fermentation control

Juice scale-inhibitors

Specific scale-inhibitors based on carboxylic acids, FDA CFR173.73 21 approved, for maintaining correct heat exchange efficiency in the juice evaporation device.
The use of these formulations also enhances the normal end of process cleaning operations

Cooked mass fluidifiers

Fluidifiers based on synthetic polymers FDA 21 CFR 173.340 approved, to simplify extraction operations, to facilitate cooking and increase the crystal yield.

Juice decolourants

Cationic polymer, FDA 21 CFR 173.60 approved, to promote the removal of colourant and colloidal substances in sugary juices.

Auxiliary treatments

• Water and biocide scale-inhibitors
• Formulated for the management and protection of the water circuits
• Conditioners for thermal circuits
• Deoxygenizer and conditioning formulas for the entire thermal circuit


Acid formulas for washing canvas and filters
Organic corrosion inhibitors for washing with hydrochloric acid
Formulas to assist in alkaline washing of evaporation units

Waste water

Bacteria and bio-stimulators for purification systems

Selected bacterial consortia, specific fungal activators, additives and bio-stimulators to increase the efficiency of purification systems, being simple lagooning or activated sludge plants (link to the waste water part of the water division)


Chemical, bacterial-enzyme, disguising formulations, for the elimination of the problems deriving from the emission of bad odours.

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