GearChem, a company associated with the NCR Biochemical Group, is a chemical company specialising in the research, development and production of process fluids for the engineering industry. It boasts a high-tech structure and many years of experience combining chemistry and metallurgy in order to provide a global service to customers.



GearChem operates mainly in sectors such as: Thermal treatments, machine processing, hydraulics and hydraulic safety, industrial washing, rust protection, plastic deformation and lubrication, special process additives. In addition it provides consultancy services aimed at increasing process efficiency and quality standards. The major part of our Research and Development resources are focussed on these applicative sectors.


Industrial detergents

The GearChem liquid detergents enable you to get excellent cleaning results in the inter-operational and final stages of the process, guaranteeing protection from corrosion in the processing pauses. They are designed to enable, in addition to their cleaning action, fast separation in the oily phase thus ensuring greater useful life of the solution. The additives used do not contain inorganic elements in significant quantities, in the case of application prior to annealing or tempering stages there will be no residues.

Rust preventatives

A complete range of products aimed at protecting the surface from the aggressive effects of external factors which could compromise their use.
GearChem has developed various product technologies to better adapt to production, plant and inter-operational demands.

Thermal treatment of metals

A complete range of fluids based on mineral and synthetic oils for tempering metals. The products can cover every process requirement with a broad drastic range and are formulated in order to be able to be used in a wide range of temperatures while maintaining these characteristics over time.

Tempering polymers

Polymer-based fluids for use in tempering metals in various types of installations. On many occasions these formulations can substitute the use of mineral tempering oils. Conceived to bring together safety requirements and improvements in the working environment; the new mixture of polymers developed by GEARCHEM, today allows the achievement of qualitative consistency in hardening of a wide range of steels/ sizes/ geometries.


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