Proper treatment and management of liquid waste is a commitment to ensure less pollution and a better future for the generations to come.


The optimisation of the performance of chemicals and/or auxiliary biotechnologies can greatly reduce overall costs and maximise return on investment, even thought it discharges into surface receptors or into a municipal or consortium sewage system.

NCR Biochemical helps its partners with a global waste water management approach able to verify the various streams of pollutants and to optimise the treatment processes that do not necessarily have to be carried out “end of pipe”. This approach offers cost savings by promoting water reuse and by reducing and/or avoiding unnecessary treatment costs.

The higher incidence of purification costs is, on average, represented by energy costs and disposal of sludge. NCR Biochemical makes available to its customers decades of experience in the sector in order to optimise these costs.

Chemical-physical section:

  • Mineral and organic coagulants
  • Synthetic polymers for sludge flocculation and dewatering (solid materials-emulsions and dispersions in water)
  • Insolubilizers-selective flocculants for heavy metals
  • Polyvalent mono-flocculants for small plants
  • “Green” and eco-friendly organic coagulants
  • De-phosphating substances

Organic section:

  • Mixtures of selected micro-organisms and enzymes for treating specific wastes such as:
  • Animal and vegetable fats
  • Cellulose residue
  • Surfactants
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Organic residue
  • Nitrogenous residue
  • Specific micro-organisms for the nitrogen cycle (nitre-denitre)
  • Micro-organisms for starting and managing anaerobic digesters
  • Biostimulants to combat bulking and to increase purification efficiency
  • Balanced nutrients to overcome the waste water imbalances and deficiencies

Ancillary products:

  • Silicone and non-silicone defoamers with low environmental impact
  • Enzymic and/or chemical anti-odour product to neutralise toxic gasses and provide a healthier working environment

Our technical service includes chemical analyses of water, sludge analyses, determination of the biotic indices with optical microscopy checking, respirometry tests, laboratory clariflocculation tests, tests in a pilot plant, cost analysis and plant engineering advice.