To protect systems from the drawbacks linked to the type of feed water, NCR Biochemical has modern treatment technologies for every step in the plant. 

For years membrane systems have been used to produce water with controlled salinity, instead of the classic resin systems.



Proper pretreatment reduces fouling and scaling phenomena of reverse osmosis systems.

NCR Biochemical has formulated specific products to be used upstream of the primary filtration systems to augment their effectiveness, reduce the pollution load and reduce the SDI (Silt Density Index) of the water to be treated

  • Organic coagulants
  • Filtration aids

RO and UF membrane treatment

  1. Anti-scalants and Dispersants: according to the chemical characteristics of the feed water, NCR Biochemical has a management software able to locate the formulation and dosage best suited to maintaining the efficiency of the plant in question.

Proper treatment can:

  • Preventreplacement ofthe membranesprematurely
  • Maintain efficiency and functionality of the system
  • Ensure the maximumrecovery of water possible
  • Eliminate or reduceuse and handling of hazardousacids
  • Reduce energycosts
  • Reducethe downtimecaused by frequent membrane washings

Thanks to our targeted treatment packages, it is possible to manage problems related to mineral fouling and prevent the formation of scaling (carbonates and calcium sulphates, barium sulphate, silicates, etc.).

  1. Bactericides: Biofouling is unfortunately inevitable in every membrane system without appropriate treatment. However, by using our formulations it is possible to minimise the impact of biological growth on the operation of the RO system.

A correct biocidal treatment reduces the need to clean the membrane, reducing the overall cost of operation.

  1. Membrane cleaning: when a membrane needs to be cleaned, our additives remove most of the pollutants (mineral and organic) and restore correct plant

Post treatment (remineralisation)

When the permeate produced is intended for specific uses, such as for drinking, it requires appropriate reconditioning and this is why NCR has created a range of products with food grade active ingredients able to restore the correct pH values and the essential saline balance.

Technical service

In addition to the treatment products, we offer the following services:

  • Feed water characterisation
  • Membrane examination
  • Washing tests
  • Normalisation of plant parameters
  • Personnel training