Treatment program for protection of circuits and protection of the packaging.


The protection of pasteurization and sterilization systems is particularly important in the food industry.

Depending on the type of plant (continuous or discontinuous), the chemical characteristics of the water available and the metals present, different problems of plant scaling and corrosion involving extraordinary maintenance, lower heat exchange, higher energy consumption, etc. may arise.

In addition to the primary target of protecting the plants, the appearance of the packaging of the finished product plays an important role as it must be “marketable” (tin plate containers, glass containers, etc.).

To meet these objectives, NCR Biochemical has developed a complete treatment programme that can eliminate or significantly reduce the problems listed by using:

  • Corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors for water of pasteurizers and sterilizers
  • Rinse aids and corrosion inhibitors to improve the appearance of the finished product
  • Lubricants for sliding of bottles and tins on the conveyor belts
  • Maintenance products

The treatment programme includes a comprehensive evaluation of the process and management parameters, chemical analysis of the water, packaging assessment, and operator training in order to ensure production effectiveness and speed and energy savings, all in full compliance with the regulations in force.