The treatment of cooling circuit water is an integral part of process activities in many sectors.

The need to reduce water consumption and ensure optimisation of costs brings about an “exasperated” management of these circuits, emphasizing the problems due to scaling, corrosion and microbiological contamination.


The problems mentioned above can lead to high costs, causing the loss of heat transfer, breakdowns and health and safety problems.

NCR Biochemical closely monitors every aspect connected with the cooling system through a chemical and operational plant evaluation related to specific customer needs.

Regardless of which cooling system is installed (closed circuit, single passage (once-through), semi-open with cooling tower or evaporative condensers), we can identify the optimal treatment solution:

  • Scale inhibitors and dispersants for calcareous deposits
  • Dispersants and bio-dispersants to control inorganic and organic deposits
  • Corrosion inhibitors to protect all metal surfaces (steel, copper and its alloys, zinc, etc.)
  • Algae inhibitors, bactericides and fungicides to control biological proliferation, to keep the heat exchange surfaces clean and to control Legionella pneumophila.

With our solutions, plants can be preserved and all parts of the circuit can be kept extremely clean to ensure high heat exchanges, in full respect of the environment and worker safety.

To complete its treatments, NCR Biochemical provides management and control systems (local and remote) for the main operating parameters such as management of purges by conductivity measurement and/or water balance, pH control and adjustment, automated dosing of additives, etc.

Analyses of water and deposits, reading process parameters, identification of saturation indices, management simulation using special spreadsheets and performance optimisation are standard services that our technical support provides you together with the treatments.