NCR Biochemical has the most advanced technology for Yankee cylinder protection and treatment, able to provide variable hardness coatings: soft in contact with paper and blade, and compact and stable in contact with the cylinder.



The treatment of the Yankee cylinder is of particular importance in the production of Tissue paper since this section of the machine is the “heart” of the creping process technology and it is here where many of the Quality parameters of the paper produced are obtained. NCR Biochemical has designed a range of dedicated treatment packages and products that are extremely efficient for conditioning the surface of the Yankee cylinder, and offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Perfect protection of the cylinder surface
  • Homogeneous and reduced consumption of the creping blades
  • Total modulation of the foil that detaches from the cylinder; this provides higher quality and more even creping, with better control of the thickness and softness of the paper
  • A total cylinder coating system to conform production to customers’ needs and manage changes in production and requirements, while improving quality and facilitating the work of operators.

Monitoring the working parameters and optimising the results of our treatments are standard services which our technical support team offers to optimise the quality of production, save energy and generate profit.