Through proper selection of the products and the use of its own systems, NCR Biochemical is able to provide treatment programmes that allow more effective operation in the forming section and the press section of the Tissue machine.


The ever increasing use of waste paper and its greater degree of contamination and recycling creates an accumulation of all additives used to produce it on its inside. This leads to problems due to the introduction of these contaminants into the papermaking cycle.
To remove deposits and impurities coming from the use of recycled fibres and to ensure that wire and felt are always at their maximum efficiency, NCR Biochemical has created a series of products which can solve the problems related to these contaminants.
These are the advantages we offer by using our products:

  • Washing and conditioning wire and wet felt during production, waste-free; wire and felt will last longer
  • Permeability of the felt and all but constant exchange of water for the entire life of the felt
  • Better drying of the paper, so greater energy savings
  • Washing the forming wire and the wet felt during production, with a consequent lengthening of working time and better scheduling of machine shuts

Analysis of the deposits, checking of felt permeability and cleaning tests are normal operations carried out by our technical support department in order to optimize results.