Our Retention and Drainage programmes are designed to help you achieve productivity and efficiency targets, in compliance with the quality standards of the finished product and production costs. We have complete solutions (single- and multicomponent-based) for the selective recovery of fibres, fines and additives, while providing a crosslinked structure which offers mechanical strength and homogeneous forming.


The increasing cost of raw materials and energy needed for production requires strict waste control and special attention to consumption.
The possibility of retaining most of the fibres (cellulose, wood pulp, etc.) and process additives is extremely important in the production process: it keeps costs under control, eliminates waste, improves the quality of the paper and reduces environmental impact.

NCR Biochemical has a wide range of dedicated products and programs which :

  • Keep the fibres in the machine at the the first pass
  • Retain the additives used in production, thereby reducing their incidence per kilo/paper and environmental impact
  • Increase water drainage and improve sheet formation
  • Optimise the necessary drying energy
  • Optimise the strength and permeability of the paper
  • Allow higher production speeds to be achieved

Along with the treatments our experts provide analyses of the mixtures and retention and drainage tests to optimise fibre retention and water drainage.