NCR Biochemical solutions for fibre recovery are designed to optimise the performance of the chemicals used, with the aim of reducing overall management costs and maximising return on investment.


Optimisation of fibre recovery is the basis for a better economy of raw materials and for a reduction in the overloading of purification plants.
NCR Biochemical adds in-depth knowledge of the process to its wide range of products to provide the treatment programmes and technologies best suited to addressing specific system requirements, such as:
• Fibre recovery machines (DAF, Polydisc or sedimentation tanks)
• Clarification plants in general
• Filter presses, belt presses or centrifugal machines

Application of our solutions improves the efficiency of the fibre recovery machines and achieves a better quality of the waste water, as well as a reduction in treatment costs.

Chemical analysis, effectiveness testing and selection of the most suitable product/technology are normal operations that our technical support department carries out every day with the aim of always finding the best solution.