In addition to the main process applications, NCR Biochemical completes its range of treatments with specific products for different production needs, such as:
• Specific products for Pulp Mills
• Scale inhibitors
• Enzymes
• Wet strength resins
• Dry strength products
• Softening agents
• Fixatives for colours
• De-inking chemicals
• Pulp adjuvants
• Anti-dust
• Anti-water

Our technical service not only offers its knowledge and professional expertise, but also performs the following services:

– analysis of the various circuits and production processes

– optimisation and water recovery studies

– effectiveness analyses and tests

– selection of the most suitable products/treatment systems

– selection of the correct dosing systems

– laboratory and plant testing

– training of operating personnel

… and whatever else is necessary to achieve the objectives of quality, machinability, production effectiveness, energy recovery and optimisation of costs in order to ensure our customers the highest profit.