A systematic approach to the formation of deposits on wires and dryer cylinders as the final solution to the problems of paper quality and production losses caused by sheet breaks due to dirt.


The problem with contaminants, glues, dirt and dust depositing in the drying section of the paper and board machine has always been important for the paper manufacturer and often gives rise to disputes and complaints about the reels sold. There are numerous causes that affect this phenomenon, such as the progressive deterioration of the recycled pulp due to its increased re-use cycle and the high closing of the water cycle.

The conventional methods adopted are often unable to solve all of these phenomena. Binding agents such as cationic starch do not help solve the problem, also because the high treatment cost does not always coincide with the necessary mechanical characteristics.

NCR Biochemical has been focussed on the problems of paper manufacturers for many years and has the technology for passivation of cylinders and dryer fabrics that prevents the formation of deposits on these surfaces and at the same time reduces complaints on the quality of the paper sold.

Protection against deposits in the dryer section using specific products dosed with our dedicated system (Si.Pro.Tes) offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Better heat exchange of cylinders/dryer fabrics
  • Reduction of sheet breaks in the dryer section
  • Reduction of breaks at the rewinder
  • Fewer shuts for fabric cleaning
  • Better machinability

Analysis of the deposits and a feasibility study of the application are carried out by our experts to find the best solution and maximise results.