The complete range of NCR Biochemical products covers all requirements for deaerating the mixtures, eliminating the foam or preventing it.



In all sections of the production process, from the production of pulp to that of paper, foam forms in the water cycle cavitation problems for the pumps, errors in the measurement of levels and volumes, holes and defects in the paper, so it also affects the quality of the finished product.
The variety of plants, raw materials and specific characteristics of the circuits (pH, temperature, cycle closure, etc.) requires equally diversified types of defoaming products that can be used to solve the problem.

NCR Biochemical has therefore developed a range of products which can solve the problems in the most diverse types of plants and applications, these are categorised as follows:

  • Non-silicone water-based emulsions
  • Oil-based products
  • Synthetic polymers to be used both in high and average temperature conditions
  • Specific defoamers for coatings
  • Specific defoamers for waste water sent to biological plants

Our product range covers all requirements for deaerating the mixtures, breaking down the foam or preventing it.
The treatment programme comprises measuring air in the mixtures and foam elimination tests, with the objective of optimising the results and reducing the costs of the paper mill.