The control of microbiological contamination throughout the entire manufacturing process is one of the key areas for increasing productivity, improving the quality of the paper and making savings in the cost of raw materials and additives.


Microbiological proliferations that interfere with the paper production process take place at different levels, creating costly disruptions such as finished product waste, off-specification productions, production loss due to breakage in the machine and frequent stoppages for wash ups
The temperatures of the circuits often foster significant microbiological development and the presence of the various additives used for the production (starches, glues, resins, etc.) provides the nutrition needed for their growth.
NCR Biochemical provides the solution to all types of problems concerning the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and algae through biocides and specific anti- fermenting agents for:

  • Fresh water
  • Short circuit
  • Water in the wire pit
  • Long circuit (floatation, sedimentation)
  • Coating
  • Starch solutions
  • Mineral fillers in dispersion
  • Label paper
  • Wallpaper
  • Fungus-resistant paper
  • Glues for cardboards
  • Waste water
  • Catalase inhibitors in the pulp bleaching process

And so we step in and take action in all sections of the production process with specific products compliant with FDA and BfR standards for producing paper which will come into contact with food.
Our range consists of solid and liquid products, oxidizing and conventional, which adapt to all operating conditions of the production processes.
To find the best solution, our technicians perform microbiological analyses, laboratory tests, effectiveness tests and selection of the most suitable product/application method.